Green Coffee Extract for Cancer

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Millions of new cases of cancer are diagnosed on an yearly basis across the world. US men have slightly less than 1 in 2 lifetime risk of developing cancer. The risk for women is slightly lower to 1 in 3. These are huge numbers. What can be done about them?

For most cancers curative measures do not work very well thus there is lot of focus now on preventive measures. These include curtailing smoking, healthy diet, exercising, decreasing weight etc. With these steps a significant percentage of cancer population can be reduced.

Health nutrition and taking naturally occurring ant-cancer compounds is a great way to tackle this situation. Green coffee extract can also play a part in this. Let us learn how.

Green coffee bean extract for cancer

Chlorogenic acid which is key active ingredient of green coffee extract is an effective anti-cancer agent. Chlorogenic acid has potent action against lipid peroxidation. Free radicals and oxidations are one of the key reason for cancer in human body. Studies show that Chlorogenic acid has a chemopreventive action as it suppress metabolic activation and fastens the pace of body detoxification. Both thesecancer actions play an important part in cancer prevention.

According to a study conducted on rats, use of Chlorogenic acid reduced the multiplicity of induced colon tumors. Chlorogenic acid rich green coffee extract thus can provide benefits in cancer too. There is a need of more research and human trials to prove this in a concrete manner.

Green coffee extract dosage

There is no specific dosage of green coffee extract but taking 140-150 mg per day is considered good. Please note the dosage depends a lot on how much Chlorogenic acid is present in the extract. Not all extracts are created equal. As Chlorogenic acid is the key benefit providing ingredient its quantity plays an important part. So check this before buying extracts.


Green coffee been extract is found to have no adverse effects if taken in decent quantities. But as all these extracts have caffeine in them too large a does may cause issues such as nausea, vomiting, insomnia etc. If you are pregnant or lactating mother, please consult a doctor before starting any herbal supplements.

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