Should You Buy Green Coffee Bean Extract by NutriGold?

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Green coffee bean extracts by NutriGold are one of the most popular green coffee extracts on Amazon but are they effective?


NutroGold is in the business of producing various kinds of supplements. In total they have 41 products. The products fall under the category of herbal supplements (amla, turmeric, etc.), vitamin supplements (vitamin C), Omega3 supplements etc. Their supplements are used for weight loss, metabolism enhancement, cognitive and heart health, etc.

NutriGold is based at Orm, Utah. They not only sell through retailers and Amazon but also online from their own website too.

Product Specification

NutriGold claims that its green coffee extract is the only one in the industry which has 400 mg of Svetol (a clinically proven green coffee extract) in it. Other specifications:SVETOL Green Coffee Bean Extract by NutriGold

  • All vegetarian supplements
  • One bottle has 90 capsules, 3 dose per day for one month
  • 100% pure Svetol which is not mixed or diluted with any other green coffee extract
  • Constituents of this extract are:


    • 45% Chlorogenic Acids
    • Total 50% of Polyphenols
    • Remaining percentage consists of 5-Caffeoylquinic Acid and caffeine

The key difference which company stresses that their extract uses Svetol which is a quality and standardized product while other extracts which use generic green coffee extracts are not standardized and have lower amounts of chlorogenic acid.

Reviews of SVETOL Green Coffee Bean Extract by NutriGold

We analyzed customer review on SVETOL Green Coffee Bean Extract by NutriGold from various sources such as forums and Amazon and present their gist below. The reviews of the product are mixed. While some customers indicated weight loss many others did not.

Positive points said about the product

  • There are users who witnessed weight loss, though at a slow rate. Some lost 1 pound per week others 1.5 pounds per week.
  • Users who have praised the products witnessed minor (nausea) or no side effects at all.
  • Users did point out that one has to keep control on diet and also exercise to make sure the product works well.

Negative reviews about the product:

  • There are several negative reviews about the product too. Most of them have the same problem – the product did nothing and thus they lost no weight at all.
  • Some users even have mentioned that they gained weight after using the supplement!

Several unsatisfied users also mention that other green coffee extract brands they used also did not work for them.


Overall, based on online reviews there is a mixed feeling about the working and effectiveness of the product. There are other green coffee extract brands which have better reviews than SVETOL Green Coffee Bean Extract by NutriGold. If you are looking for trying one, we advise you other brands them first. 

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